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5 things for which the commission will kick your bachelor thesis

The Commission can be merciless at state exams. All they need is a little thing and let them feel it. So what to watch for? We have rich experience with the final works. For example, we know about the following things:

Someone in the commission doesn’t understand your topic

Is that so. Some colleges make commissions special and sometimes there is a man who does not even understand what you present in your work. In that case, the person concerned relies on the following two pillars of the random assessor:

Healthy common sense

Stupidity is stupidity, whether it is written by academic jargon, or colloquial style. Therefore, try to substantiate your logical associations with facts, examples and references. You will avoid unnecessary explanation and advocacy.

Formal adjustment of work

This is the worse case. You can meet a man who has nothing to say, but still wants to talk. So it will follow up on the wrong breaks, wrong numbering of chapters and subchapters, incorrect citations, inconsistently described methodology. Nothing will help you, just the ant work and the hawk eye in control …

Bad testimonial testimonial

Did the rumors of the students who had a bad assessment from the trainer got to you, but when they defended it, did they get it? Yes, these stories are circulating around many colleges. The truth is, however, that the commissions attach great importance to the training opinions. They make it easier for them to make decisions, they influence them before the defense starts. If nothing else, be with the trainer.

High percentage match

There is nothing to explain. Quote sources correctly, include in the citation list. If you decide to draw on other works, never, never seriously, copy + paste.

You don’t have a graph or a survey

Pie charts, column charts and linear charts. They are not very interesting, but if you do not have the option of inserting another graphic element into your work, they will serve their purpose. Of course, in order to be integrated into the work, you must first have the data from which the graphs are processed.

A simple way to get data is to explore. At school, in town, even on social networks. Create a simple questionnaire and ask good people to fill you out.

Wrapped School Style

The bachelor thesis is not supposed to be a flowery figment of a promising writer. It may not be too brief, but fictional descriptions certainly do not belong to it. If you are thinking about spice up your final thesis, you better throw a nicely drawn graph or extend the sample of respondents by another hundred. The Commission will appreciate this more.

Also, beware of the way you express yourself. You write for academics. They, too, understand that you have only had a few years of university studies, but expect you to be more sophisticated than high school students.

Did this article scare you? We’re sorry. In fact, writing a bachelor thesis is not difficult. But sometimes there is help. If you need it, let us know.