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Bachelor thesis writing

You invest a lot of time and energy in writing your bachelor thesis, so it is logical that if you use it only once, it will make you sorry. However, the bachelor thesis does not have to end up in the drawer or in the archive after the defense.

Many students and later doctoral students choose new topics for each final thesis. If the topics are too far apart, the possibility of a complex work interconnection is lost. What does it actually mean?

How to choose a complex topic of bachelor thesis

The fact that students still choose new topics has its reasons. First of all, it is challenging. If you decide to write a bachelor thesis with an overlap, which one you can also follow in your diploma thesis, you will be more concerned with writing.

You should think about these principles:

  • The topic cannot be a short-term trend that will not be current or usable after 2 years
  • The topic must be wide and complex enough to be addressed on dozens of pages
  • The topic cannot be banal because it will not be approved by you

Before deciding to use a comprehensive topic, consult with a trainer or trainer for this idea. They will consider whether a topic is appropriate for such processing and may give you a different view of the structure.

Develop your hypotheses throughout the study

In the beginning, when choosing a topic, consider the hypothesis that is related to the topic and which you can explore for a long time. This will help you to write comprehensively. By focusing on a particular area and issue not only in the semester, but also during the next study, you will become a true expert in it and work with it much more easily.

What if you didn’t choose a suitable topic?

You may feel that you have not chosen a suitable topic for a comprehensive bachelor thesis. Nothing is lost. In a diploma thesis that is at least marginally related to the topic of your bachelor thesis, you can use at least some parts.

Did you survey a sufficient sample of respondents and have it graphically processed? Create the same survey and compare its results – find out what has changed in the two years and you can graphically process the results.

In case you work with the hypothesis in the bachelor thesis, for example with the prognosis of the development of social networks, after two years you can follow the hypothesis and illustrate the development by the current state. Of course, this will not be possible in some disciplines, as development may be slower.

Overlap of topic and dissertation

If you plan to continue your doctoral studies, your role may be a bit more challenging. Bachelor’s and Master’s (or engineering) studies do not place any claims on the final theses as doctoral studies. In the dissertation you expect a much more scientific approach and understanding of the issue, such as in the bachelor thesis.

You can insure yourself when choosing a bachelor’s topic. As we have said above, consult this idea with the trainer and try to choose or design a theme that can be “stratified”: the bachelor will serve as an introduction to the topic, the diploma will deepen some of the hypotheses and finally the dissertation will provide a comprehensive overview and combine the acquired knowledge into a functional whole.