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Structure of bachelor thesis – from introduction to conclusion

Without a structure, no bachelor thesis could arise. The most important parts are:

  • Introduction
  • The core,
  • Conclusion.

However, it should be remembered that the content and the bibliography are an integral part of the bachelor’s thesis structure.

Within the structure of the bachelor thesis it should be borne in mind that the content is created practically only at the end when the theoretical and practical part of the bachelor thesis is already written. The easiest way is to set up automatic content creation in Word. Every time you change the structure of your bachelor thesis, you only need to update the content. If there are also tables, graphs or abbreviations in the bachelor thesis, they should be listed immediately after the content. Usually these lists are presented on separate pages.

Introduction of bachelor thesis

At the beginning of the bachelor thesis the author has to describe the issue he decided to work on. In order to fit into the structure of the bachelor thesis, its scope should not exceed two pages. Also, the objectives of the work must be clearly defined and the importance of the issues being addressed. There may also be a brief summary of chapters and subchapters.

The core of the bachelor thesis

The most important part of the thesis structure is the core of the thesis, which is divided into chapters and subchapters. It is usually recommended that there be at least three chapters in the bachelor thesis to capture the essence of the issue:

  • the chapter should clearly define the theoretical knowledge of the issue,
  • the chapter should be devoted to the subject on which the theoretical knowledge will be applied
  • the chapter includes applying the issue to the subject’s conditions; the author’s own contribution is also expected in this chapter.

Conclusion of bachelor thesis

 The last but one part of the bachelor thesis is the conclusion. It contains a final summary of the issue. The author must clearly state whether the work has achieved its goal. It also contains a brief summary of the knowledge and overall benefits to society, or recommendations for practice. The conclusion is written in the past and should have a maximum of 2 pages.

The last part of the bachelor thesis is a list of literature or bibliographic references. The author must mention not only the sources that are used in the work, but also those that you have just studied, inspired by. If necessary, a chapter of the Annex should also be included.