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Structure of Bachelor Thesis – Overview

The structure of the bachelor thesis is similar to the structure of the thesis, but the individual parts of the structure are smaller in the case of the bachelor thesis.

The structure of the bachelor thesis has its basic parts:

  • cover, cover sheet, which is important when binding a bachelor thesis, because it forms a print on the board
  • affidavit on originality of work – optional part
  • thanks – optional part
  • abstract in English and foreign language
  • preface – is part of the structure of some bachelor’s theses,
  • Contents,
  • introduction
  • the core,
  • Finally,
  • list of bibliographic references.

In addition, each bachelor thesis must comply with international citation criteria and the principles of referencing primary and secondary literature. Individual colleges or faculties have their own guidelines for bachelor’s work, and therefore there are slight differences within schools in the structure of the bachelor thesis.

Each part of the bachelor thesis structure should meet the criteria specified in the directive for each university. In principle, however, the core is written first, followed by an introduction and conclusion, and the remaining parts are finally completed.

Even though the affidavit and thanks are optional parts of the bachelor thesis, it is still appropriate if these parts are there.

Yet we do not write the Bachelor Thesis by ourselves and we need a wealth of invaluable advice from every side. It is advisable to thank the supervisor or consultant for the bachelor thesis, parents and friends who stood with us during the difficult and stressful period. In the affidavit you confirm with your signature that your work is not plagiarism and this certainly belongs to work, regardless of whether it is mandatory or not.